About Us

Our Story

HolySmokes! Signature Liquids was born in December of 2010. With Darwin and Edward at the helm of developing locally made eliquids, we strived to offer quality, creative and innovative flavors we can be proud of. If it’s been done, we don’t pursue it.

In 2013, what started as a partnership called Kangzmut Enterprises, we evolved into a corporation, Holy Smokes E-juice Inc., producing its flagship brand, I Want My Signature Liquids. Partnering with Golden Drops, we came together in building a manufacturing facility that embodied high quality standards in production and distribution, created events like the VapeCon Manila, and hosted the PVF anniversary celebrations, to continually promote vaping and our advocacy in ridding our population from cigarette addiction.

We lead in creating the Philippine E-juice Manufacturers Association (PEMA), setting the standards for local e-juice manufacturing. Along with Vapers Association of the Philippines, we represented the industry to prevent the vaping ban in our country.

In 2015, again evolving to HS Eliquids Inc., our brand names grew with the inclusion of THIQUID and the much celebrated Limited Edition series. Joining international events like the ECC, Vape Summit and VAPEFEST, we continually promoted Philippine made products internationally.

Mission & Vision

In 2016, we became part of the Philippine Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (PECIA), to continue help protect our vaping rights and be the voice for fair vaping regulations. We are committed to the advocacy of promoting tobacco harm reduction by providing international quality products for local and international products alike. And as long as our company exists, this commitment will never change. Our foundation remains true to family business ethics where trust, pride, and respect is as important as sales and profit.



Our company has passed the test of time. Since 2010, We continue to be one of the most well known, proven, and trusted brand of eliquids locally and internationally up to this day. We are a duly registered and certified company with a dedicated and up-to-par operation supervised daily, right in the heart of Quezon City’s commercial district.


We offer wholesale prices that yields the highest revenue. We give all our affiliates their fair share of profit, as the bottle size gets bigger, so will the margin, but at the same time, value the importance of quality over quantity. Our brands are likewise actively being promoted and marketed in all popular social media platforms. We are not a hard sell to our target market.


From ordering, updates, payment, delivery and aftermarket care, we provide excellent communication and information to all our clients. We are not amateurs in the field of business. With highly trained backgrounds in client to business service, expect top-level professionalism end to end.


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